About Grace

About Grace ?

Grace Natural Pet Foods is a family owned business, that evolved from retailing high quality, grain free pet food. We have witnessed incredible results by delivering advice to steadfast pet owners on simple, proper nutrition. In a great many cases, vet interventions for skin and stomach disorders were substantially reduced or eradicated totally.

We are proud to offer the highest quality, most unique recipes within the market today. We put lots of research and careful attention into each recipe. We work in harmony with the top UK nutritionists to bring your best friend, nothing but the best. 

We developed the Grace Natural Pet Food brand in response to many complaints we received about either loose or very soft stools or indeed, too firm stools. We personally could not find a food that contained what we wanted for our own dogs, so we set about creating Grace.

Grace Natural Pet Foods are created in Great Britain using the latest technique of Freshtrusion,  Through Freshtrusion Grace Natural Pet Foods has incorporated the following benefits:

  • Grace is likely to have a higher percentage of freshly prepared meat, as opposed to dried, which will aid digestion.
  • Grace contains fresh carrot as opposed to dried.
  • Grace contains Carob as an additional source of fibre, instead of the commonly used Lucerne (Alfalfa). Carob is a superior product, with greater health benefits, as well as tasting sort of chocolatey.
  • Grace contains extremely high levels of FOS and MOS prebiotics, which supports gut health, improves digestion and overall health.
  • All Grace products will contain Turmeric. If you have not yet explored the benefits of Turmeric and Turmeric in dogs, then you will be impressed with this wonder ingredient. Since the creation of Grace products, we have seen Turmeric being introduced in other foods as well as the explosion of Golden Paste etc.
  • Turmeric needs fat to ensure absorption into the body and Grace's fat levels are pretty much optimum to obtain the best results from the Turmeric. You may read that black pepper (piperine) needs to accompany Turmeric, to allow it to remain in the body for absorption, but we are satisfied, that the correct levels of fat will do a similar job. Turmeric is a great anti-inflammatory; it can help with gastro-intestinal issues and there is evidence of it destroying pre-cancerous cells. If you consider your dog(s) have a condition that may benefit from Turmeric, please also use a Turmeric supplement.

The Grace Natural Pet Food range will be a mix of mainly 70:30 recipes, but this may vary depending on purpose. Grace Authentic and Grace Absolute are All Life Stage products, suitable for pups to senior dogs.