Moving onto Grace

Moving onto Grace Natural Pet Foods

To achieve the best out of Grace we recommend not feeding anything else with it. We personally treat with the Grace Kibble, from their daily allowance and rarely use manufactured treats, unless we are sure of the contents.

Avoid any treat and foods containing Glycerine, they will more than likely make them loose.

If you are feeding a pup with Grace, then please do not feed anything else other than perhaps some raw carrots, pieces of steamed parsnips, a small piece, of apple, pear, or banana as a treat. Watermelon is also great in balanced quantities during hot weather.

There is no need to feed any raw meats or other proteins, as this may have detrimental effects on the growing bones.

Please, unless directed by a vet and blood tests, do not supplement the Calcium levels with treats or powders. You may do more harm than good.

We use Panacur for deworming and find it to very successful with our dogs. Panacur helps to kill Giardia and parasites, which is common in pups and found in stagnant water sources, that dogs can find.